Have you sought treatment for substance use disorder?  Have you tried several treatment facilities, spending huge amounts of money with no success?  You are not alone!


Have you witnessed insurance fraud where you work or while in treatment?

Insurance crooks are picking your pocket to line theirs. Insurance fraud is one of America's largest crimes - at least $80 billion is stolen each year.

Why Should You Worry About Addiction Treatment Insurance Fraud?

Because we, the healthcare consumer, pay the price! Some people mistakenly think addiction treatment insurance fraud is harmless, IT’S NOT! Honest healthcare consumers like you pay: Your money is stolen, your insurance premiums rise, and most importantly, vulnerable families are harmed.

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Learn the TRUTH about the addiction treatment industry and join the fight to transform addiction treatment and save lives!


The public is demanding that the addiction treatment industry change the way addiction is treated in three primary areas:

1. Educated and medically licensed professionals in decision making roles for addiction treatment.

2. Regulations to protect the patient and align addiction treatment facilities with medical standards.

3. The use of scientifically proven treatments (empirical, not anecdotal or quasi-scientific).

The addiction treatment industry has become the wild, wild, west. They can say anything, do anything and charge anything. ​It's time to change that. Your donation will help us kick off this cause and continue our work to provide unbiased addiction treatment industry information and education. You can help us by making a donation today.

"Sovereign charged $3,410 per day for residential mental health treatment; $2,640 per day for partial mental health treatment; $1,980 per day for intensive outpatient mental health; and $1,200 per urine analysis. One residential patient had 15 urine tests in a single month, resulting in a bill that exceeded $100,000." Read More

The Headlines Only Scratch The Surface

"A British doctor who was stripped of his medical license for conducting unethical drug trials on mentally ill patients is now running an unlicensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that focuses on the mentally ill."  Read More

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"But the largest cost was to the workplace, which accounted for $25.6 billion, in the form of lost earnings and employment. “There are major consequences to the economy, not just to the employer and employee who are losing productivity but also to civil society,” Howard Birnbaum, a health-care economist with the Analysis Group." Read More

Death rates continue to rise. Nearly 50,000 people died from drug overdose in 2015...enough is enough. 

So what do we do with your donation? We believe in order to truly effect change we need the power to use funds in new and strategic ways! Our goal is to support science based researchers, businesses, causes, projects, products and services that fuel the burning need for change in this industry. 

In the last 25 years the drug overdose death rates have tripled, in that same time cancer death rates have gone down by 22%.

By donating to The Truth About Rehab, you will help us create educational campaigns that speak the truth, support science and demand data. We know that the smart use of media and technology will empower us to educate the consumer. 

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We have got to be more consistent and scientific in how we diagnose and treat addiction. The fraud, and deceptive advertising practices have to stop. I can't imagine how confusing it must be for a vulnerable and desperate parent.

Tom Horvath, Ph.D.

Yes, enough is enough. We need to support change using evidence and honest practices. Unfortunately many do not seek help until they are in crisis. They do not think they have time to investigate their options. But evidence-based and ethical providers exist, and worth the effort to find.

Ginger Paulsen

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The Truth About Rehab is devoted to providing unbiased addiction treatment information. We do not subscribe to a particular treatment model or ideology. 

Our goal is to simply advocate that the addiction treatment industry be held to the same standards as the medical field. We give a voice to those who have lost their battle with addiction, those still fighting and their families and friends. 


We are a group of individuals dedicated to exposing the corruption and dangerous practices that are currently accepted in the addiction treatment industry. 


Get involved in a true grassroots cause and help us change the addiction treatment industry and save lives! With your donation today, you will be helping to change the way addiction is treated, lowering the overdose death rates and achieving better outcomes.

Buyer Beware! ​ Recommending any addiction treatment facility in an unregulated industry that uses unscientific treatments, administered by poorly educated professionals, is a “roll of the dice” at best. We encourage you to be a careful consumer. It is important to know the right questions to ask when searching for any level of addiction treatment. (Click here for list of questions to ask) Be persistent in your questioning and do not accept vague answers!

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up, and welcome to the Addiction Treatment Industry where KICKBACKS, FRAUD, CORRUPTION, ANTIQUATED and UNPROVEN TREATMENT, INADEQUATE EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND LACK OF OVERSIGHT are the norm!

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Did you know when you search online or call an 800 number, you are not directly connected to a treatment center?

You will often be manipulated into a system by a person unqualified to give medical advice and then sold to the highest bidder.

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It's Time to Take Action

The Truth About Rehab is dedicated to exposing the corruption and dangerous practices that are currently accepted in the addiction treatment industry.  We must expose the truth to save lives! We plan to create real change by using media and technology to expose the truth, educate the public and create an environment where the powerful consumer helps shape the future of the treatment industry.  We want to shine a light on innovators and pioneers in the mental health and addiction treatment industry and work hand-in-hand with the new guard to create an entirely new standard of care.

Did you know...

In the last 25 years, the number of addiction treatment facilities in the United States has tripled to over 14,000, and the annual revenue generated by the addiction treatment industry has tripled to over 35 billion. Yet, drug overdose death rates have also tripled? ​ In that same time cancer death rates have gone down by 22%. Drug overdose death rates are now the leading cause of injury deaths in the United States—surpassing motor vehicle accidents.